All of Charlotte’s small businesses 
together are 32,0000 strong.

United, we are Charlotte’s biggest employer.

The challenges of 2020 have encouraged us to look at what we can do together - to recognize that united, we can lock arms and open doors for ourselves!

What is Key In?

Historic West End Partners, the Plaza Midwood Merchants Association, and the Charlotte Small Business Coalition have come together to assist Westside and Eastside small businesses address negative impacts that COVID-19 has had on their businesses. Key in CLT is the result of a grant offered by Charlotte City Government and funded by the CARES Act.
Through the power of collaboration and coordination with skilled service providers, Key in CLT is engaging the small business community and directing support and assistance based on their needs in four key areas:

1. Marketing and Social Media
2. Coaching and Planning
3. Technology Integration
4. Financial Management and Bookkeeping
Key in CLT is capitalizing on the collective power, creativity, wisdom, and experience of Charlotte’s small business community to make an impact that will help us all emerge from 2020 positioned to thrive in 2021! 

Together. United.

4 Areas of Support:

In the summer, more than 200 Charlotte small businesses participated in the Key in CLT Needs Assessment. Four areas of need emerged loud and clear.

Marketing & Social Media

Coaching & Planning

Technology Integration

Financial Management

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